How to add missing evidence to transactions

Navigate to the ‘Expenses’ icon in the Menu

You will see ‘Missing evidence’ labels highlighting all transactions which do not have a category and/or evidences added to them.


Debit Transactions (Payments):

  1. Select the transaction and tap the "Add missing evidence" field, and categorise the transaction (if not done by Rauva automatically).

  2. Take a photo to the receipt or choose the relevant photo or file linked to that transaction.

  3. You can add up to three pieces of evidence for each transaction.

Credit Transactions (Transaction In):

  1. Select the transaction and categorise it appropriately.

  2. For payments from invoices, Rauva will automatically match the invoice to the payment if the client entered the unique reference code on their payment.

  3. If the matching is not completed automatically, select "Add missing evidence" on the transaction.

  4. Choose "Invoice document" and enter the invoice number associated with the payment, e.g. “45”.  Rauva will locate and match the invoice accordingly and the invoice details will appear on the transaction.

  5. If the credit evidence is from a file or photo, you can also add these in the same way as with debit transactions

Up to three file and photos can be added for each transaction (total).

Remember, for both scenarios, it is crucial to add a category to the transaction; otherwise, it will still be considered "Missing evidence."

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